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Refugee Symposium

Join us for our annual SMU Refugee Symposium to promote awareness about refugees and refugees' issues and the challenges, struggles and experiences refugees face when looking for asylum both in Canada and abroad.

Keynote Speakers:  Katie Tinker- Halifax Refugee Clinic: Assisting Refugee Claimants Through Canada's Refugee Determination Process

  • Dr. Rohini Bannerjee – From Jahabhi Bhai to Jews: The Refugee Stories of Mauritius

  • Dr. Catherine Baillie Abidi – Resilience, Relationship and (Re)Settlement: Women Speaking Through Photography Collective

  • Mr. Russell Daye -  Senior Minister, St. Andrew's United Church: The Halifax-Minyara Refugee Partnership

Feature Documentary: After Spring – A documentary that focuses on the Syrian refugee crisis.

Full program

NOTE: This Symposium is FREE to sign up email us at

Organized by International Centre

Burke Building Theatre A