Dan Alexander MacLennan

(May 6, 1921 – October 24, 2013)

After serving in the Second World War with the Cape Breton Highlanders, Dan MacLennan returned to Nova Scotia with his English war bride, Margaret Jewison, and worked as a watchmaker. A master of many trades, he changed careers in 1975 and turned his talents to crafting prosthetic appliances for the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre.

Following retirement in 1986, MacLennan remained active in his community as Clerk of Session at United Memorial Church, superintendent of the Sunday School, and chairman of the Richmond Home and School Association. Leisure pursuits included competitive marksmanship, ballroom dancing, listening to fiddle music, reciting poetry, woodworking, boat-building, bird-watching, photography and star-gazing.

The MacLennan Memorial Lecture celebrates the spirit and vision of Dan Alexander MacLennan, a remarkable, life-long learner who discovered a new world view through the lens of Saint Mary’s University’s telescopes.