Saint Mary’s a Top Intercultural Destination for "Aspiring Citizens of the World"


Saint Mary’s has become an annual intercultural port of call for global learners.

We are delighted that for the seventh year in a row, international students from Beijing Normal University Zhuhai have enrolled in our Summer Institute, Cross-Cultural Communication – North American Studies, as their choice for a summer study abroad program.

This unique program, which integrates academic and cultural studies with language learning, is an increasingly popular way for students to attend a university renowned for its diverse and globally-engaged campus. With more than 200 students having completed the Institute, the choice of attending Saint Mary’s underscores that the University is recognized for its expertise in intercultural engagement.

Over the next three weeks, students will attend a series of lectures presented by faculty and staff. Lecture topics range from An Archaeological Tour of Halifax to Love to Gender and Service in “Twelfth Night,” while classroom learning will be enriched by visits to historic, cultural, and natural scenic attractions around HRM, including the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre and the Halifax Pride Festival.

Check in on the Summer Institute activities at the Studio's blog: