A Capital Idea: Venture Grade Student Venture Capital Fund to Embark on a North American First

The Venture Grade Student Venture Capital Fund at Saint Mary’s University is about to embark on a journey that represents a first for the university and North America—student venture capitalists investing a fund that they raised themselves in promising  high growth start-ups.

Venture Grade gives students applied and pro-active learning experiences as part of a suite of private equity asset courses. Students learn what it takes for growing firms to successfully compete by assessing risk, making investment decisions, and supporting the entrepreneurial economy of the Atlantic region.

“The Venture Grade Fund is a student-led venture capital fund where students raise the capital, assess the risk and make the investment,” said Dr. Ellen Farrell, Professor of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship. “The students have a goal of raising $250,000 for the fund. “

“I call this learning entrepreneurship from ‘the inside out.’  Entrepreneurship students are learning the qualities desired by entrepreneurial financiers so they are well equipped to raise finance when they start their own businesses. ”

 The students plan to make their first investment later this semester.

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