Dr. Marc Doucet receives the Stewart Medal for Excellence in Teaching

For the great impact he has had on his students in their current and future studies, and for the inspiring leadership he provides his colleagues, Dr. Marc Doucet has been awarded the Reverend William A. Stewart, S.J., Medal for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Doucet is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department at Saint Mary’s, where he has taught since 2000. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from Université de Moncton, his Master of Arts in Political Science and Ph.D. in Political Science from University of Ottawa.

Dr. Doucet describes his teaching philosophy as “facilitating the creation of an environment, inside and outside the classroom where students can cultivate their learning capabilities and hone their analytical skills”. This philosophy is proven in his engaging classes and tireless work with the Model UN Delegation, which sees great success each year under Dr. Doucet’s guidance.

Highly regarded by his colleagues for his teaching methods, service as department Chair, and published academic works, Dr. Doucet proves again and again his passion for the study of politics and world issues.

Students greatly enjoy his classes and have found his in-class learning exercises to be engaging and thought provoking. In their comments on his teaching, current and former students often highlight his Model UN course, which is described as “the gem of the Political Science Department and the University as a whole” and has been credited with “shaping students future aspirations in academia and beyond”.

Dr. Doucet guides students through the course, which culminates with attending the annual National Model UN (NMUN) Conference in New York, where Saint Mary’s students have received numerous awards and honours in recognition of their outstanding individual and group achievements.

The award is in honour of Reverend William A. Stewart, who faithfully served the Saint Mary’s community for many years, both as a teacher of Philosophy and an academic administrator. In 1983, the Alumni Association, in cooperation with the Faculty Union and the Students’ Representative Council, established the award, which is open to faculty members who have made an extraordinary contribution to the education of Saint Mary’s students through teaching in the University’s tradition of quality undergraduate education.