Saint Mary’s University student awarded the 2017 3M National Student Fellowship

Naina Garg

Naina Garg

This week, Saint Mary’s University Economics and Finance student Naina Garg was one of ten students from across the country to be awarded the 2017 3M National Student Fellowship. 

“This fellowship provides me with an opportunity that I have been seeking since childhood,” said Garg. “I plan to use this national platform and the associated fellowship money to start my social enterprise project that addresses child labour and illiteracy in my home city, New Delhi. I have invested months of research and resources in developing my plan, and now I finally have the ability to address an issue that is quite close to my heart.”

Presented by 3M Canada and the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE), Garg was one of over 90 highly accomplished contenders from various universities and colleges across Canada to apply for this prestigious fellowship.

“This award highlights the leadership role that Saint Mary’s students demonstrate throughout the world,” said Saint Mary’s University President Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray.  “Naina has worked for years with underprivileged children and children with disabilities in her home city of New Delhi. She has also been involved in research publications, coaching, tutoring and peer mentoring work through Saint Mary’s LEAP program, as well as a lead role with Enactus Saint Mary’s first women empowerment project based in South America called Options International.”

“Naina is an important part of our community at Saint Mary’s and I know I speak for all of us when I say it is incredibly fitting that her dedication to helping others is being recognized on a national stage.”  

The 3M National Student Fellowship Award was introduced in 2012 to honour undergraduate students in Canada who have demonstrated qualities of outstanding leadership and who embrace a vision where the quality of their educational experience can be enhanced in academia and beyond.

“Upon meeting Naina, you are immediately impressed by her intense desire to immerse herself in activities that help those in need regardless of if there are fiscal or academic benefits to her,” said Tom Brophy, Senior Director, Student Services at Saint Mary’s. “By focusing on others, she was instrumental in building one of the core Enactus projects to empower women in Peru. It now serves as an impactful platform for future generations of students.”

Each of the ten winners receives a $5,000 award as well as registration at this summer’s STLHE conference, which will be hosted in Halifax by five post-secondary institutions including Saint Mary’s University. 

Garg is quick to acknowledge the many team members involved in the award nomination process including Dr. Eric Lee, Dr. Mohammad Rahaman, Dr. Shayama Chona, Mr. Thomas Storring, Dr. Colin Dodds, Dr. Patricia BradshawMr. Tom Brophy and Mr. Alex Krimer.

“It is my honour to represent my alma mater on a national scale,” said Garg. “This award is a powerful recognition of the support and encouragement that Saint Mary’s University unconditionally offers to all its students, domestic or international. The incredible faculty and staff recognize potential in ordinary students and work with us to bring out our very best.”