SMU Chemist Wins 2017 Professional of Distinction Award

  Dr. Jason Clyburne

 Dr. Jason Clyburne

Dr. Jason Clyburne, Professor in the Departments of Chemistry and Environmental Science at Saint Mary’s University, was named the winner of the 2017 Professional of Distinction Award at the Discovery Centre’s 15th Annual Discovery Awards for Science and Technology on November 23.

The Professional of Distinction Award honours world-class scientists who demonstrate ingenious thinking in the creation of unique ideas, concepts, and perspectives within their field. Previous recipients of this award have gone on to receive the highest science recognitions in both Canada and the world, including the Nobel Prize.

Dr. Clyburne is the first recipient in this category from Saint Mary’s University.

“Dr. Clyburne is internationally recognized as a leader in the study of green chemistry,” says Dr. Steven Smith, Dean of the Faculty of Science. “He has established a tremendous reputation for creative, elegant chemistry in pursuit of environmental solutions.”

A second Saint Mary’s faculty member was honoured at this year’s Discovery Awards Gala. Dr. Sam Veres, Associate Professor in Engineering, was one of three finalists in the Emerging Professional category. Less than five years into his professorship, Dr. Veres’ research has shown great promise to help reduce chronic pain related to soft-tissue damage.

Dr. Jason Clyburne – 2016 Professional of Distinction Winner

Dr. Jason Clyburne is widely recognized as a leader in the study of green chemistry, particularly in the field of ionic liquids and nucleophilic carbenes. His pioneering research, which involves the application of designer chemicals and materials to the removal of environmentally hazardous substances from industrial processes, is widely recognized for its potential to mitigate a wide range of environmental issues. In his young but robust career, Dr. Clyburne has built a reputation for excellence and creative innovation, and his colleagues repeatedly describe his work as “novel,” “creative,” and “original.” Most recently, Dr. Clyburne’s discovery of the elusive CO2 compound cyanoformate (published in Science) received significant scientific and media attention, particularly due to its promising implications for the future and direction of carbon capture technology.

Watch Dr. Jason Clyburne’s Discovery Award Finalist video

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Dr. Samuel Veres – Emerging Professional Award Finalist

Dr. Samuel Veres

Dr. Samuel Veres

In fewer than ten years, biomedical engineer Dr. Sam Veres has made rapid progress through the scientific/engineering education cycle, and his work has provided fundamental insights into the structural changes that occur in mechanically overloaded soft tissues. By exploring mechanical damage to connective tissues in a novel way—with focus on the basic biomechanics of failure rather than the inflammation/healing responses that have occupied clinical medicine—Dr. Veres is working to develop new therapies for the treatment of tendons, ligaments, and the intervertebral discs of the lower back.