Award-winning Square Roots food bundle program partners with Hellmann’s

Square Roots bundles. 

Square Roots bundles. 

The award-winning Square Roots food bundle program is partnering with Hellmann’s to help combat food insecurity across Nova Scotia.

At Hellmann’s, we believe that food is too good to be wasted,” said Andria Prada, Senior Assistant Brand Manager at Hellmann’s. “Square Roots fights issues of food waste and food insecurity at both farms and restaurants. They redirect perfectly good food that would be thrown away, into the hands of communities. Hellmann’s is proud to support Square Roots.”

Launched in November 2016, Square Roots fights food insecurity, food deserts and food waste in Nova Scotia through a monthly, affordable and healthy food bundle service. The food bundles cost $5 and $10 each and feature 10 pounds of fruits and vegetables sourced locally from the Annapolis Valley. There is also a $60, three-month bundle where members can purchase a bundle for themselves and a family in need.

“For two years in a row, the Square Roots bundle program has won the Hellmann’s Food Security Challenge, which opened the door to this partnership,” said Becca Watts, Square Roots bundle program manager. “We are proud to announce that all future bundles will feature a recipe book and coupon for a free Hellmann’s product. We want to thank them for their support as we fight food insecurity in Nova Scotia.”

The August bundle includes corn, cucumbers, apples, potatoes, carrots and a recipe book and free product coupon.

There are currently ten franchises throughout Nova Scotia, and the program continues to look towards expansion by finding community champions to bring Square Roots to their community.

Square Roots is an Enactus Saint Mary’s social enterprise. With over 100 students, Enactus Saint Mary’s currently operates eight projects and social enterprises and one process. These range from consulting with entrepreneurs on the autism spectrum, to forming food-based social enterprises, to operating a computer literacy program for young people. Enactus Saint Mary’s is proud to partner with the Saint Mary's University Entrepreneurship Centre to offer its programs.

For more information about Square Roots, pick-up locations or to order a bundle, visit